Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Rattleback -- Extraordinary Physics Toy!

From their very first science class in elementary school kids are taught that everything in nature has a rhyme and reason. The tides follow a set schedule that correlates to the moon. Water freezes at 32 degrees. When you drop an apple gravity makes it fall. Geese fly south in the winter. We can all rely on the laws of nature and physics. So, when a kid (or even an adult) first experiences a Rattleback in action they are naturally mystified. How in the world does a Rattleback reverse its own spin? What makes it stop and rattle up and down like that? Nothing we have ever learned in science class prepares us for this fascinating WOW!

Back in the 1800s archaeologists were investigating the sites of Celtic and Egyptian ruins when they stumbled upon celts (pronounced like selt) which exhibited the strange spin-reversal motion. A celt is a kind of axe or chisel-shaped tool. Over the years, Rattlebacks have also been known as Celtic stones, rebellious celt, rattlerock, wobble stone and many other names.

It is the semi-ellipsoidal top of the Rattleback which makes the Rattleback prefer spinning in one direction over the other. The spin-reversal motion appears to violate the law of conservation of angular momentum. Let's face it, Rattleback is just a rebel in the world of physics.

For extra fun, check out this fun video that shows Rattlebacks in action!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

12th Annual Gyroscope Championship of the World Huge Success

Fun was had by all at the 12th Annual Gyroscope Championship of the World Friday, August 16th! The contest was held in Hagerstown, Indiana, the home of USA-made TEDCO Toys Original Gyroscope. Open to all experienced and novice gyroscope spinners, the contest was sponsored by the Hagerstown Optimist Club and TEDCO Toys and is a highlight of the town's annual Jubilee Days celebration. Each entrant was given a free gyroscope, pedestal and string compliments of TEDCO Toys and given instructions on how to wind the string and make the gyroscope spin. Contestants were divided into 3 age groups: age 1 to 7, age 8 to 12 and age 13+. Official timers and judges recorded the time of each contestant's spin and awards were given to the longest spins in each age group.

TEDCO has long believed that busy hands build strong minds and that principle was put into play at this contest. Younger contestants who had never seen a gyroscope before were amazed by its mystical spinning abilities. Big eyes of wonder and ohs of surprise were prevalent. Their tiny hands were just as busy as their inquisitive minds, trying to figure out how a gyroscope works.

Older, more experienced kids shared their techniques for winding the string tight, holding the outer ring before pulling their string and placing the gyroscope straight for the spin. Even though it was a competition, the camaraderie and thirst for learning science were the real winners.

Click here to see the video of the competition!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gyroscope Championship of the World

Calling all gyroscope spinners!!!

The Hagerstown Optimist Club and TEDCO Toys will be sponsoring the Gyroscope Championship of the World this coming Friday, August 16th! Held annually in Hagerstown, Indiana, the hometown of TEDCO Toys, the contest gives young people a chance to show off their gyroscope spinning skills or learn for the first time. Each entrant in the contest receives a free gyroscope, courtesy of TEDCO Toys. Contestants are divided into 3 age groups: age 7 and under, age 8 - 12 and age 13 and up. Judges will be looking for the longest spin time in each age group and will award trophies to 1st place in each group and medals to 2nd and 3rd place in each group. Additionally, the top winners will ride in the Jubilee Days Parade on Saturday morning!

Held at The Meeting Place at the corner of Plum and Main /Streets in Hagerstown, free registration/practice begins at 6:30 pm. Competition will begin at 7:00 pm and is open free of charge to the public.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School Science for Kids

Freshly sharpened pencils! Catching up with friends! Unmarked notebooks! New learning opportunities! Back to school savings!

Yes, it is back to school time for many young people in the world. To get them all started off right in the new year, we are running a Back to School Promo on our site. Simply place an order for $40 or more and you will receive $5 off! It's as easy as saying your ABCs!

Shop our great selection of educational and science toys:

Globes help kids learn about the earth and the orientation between land and oceans. Each of our globes comes with game ideas for learning about landmarks, countries, world capitals, animals, culture, geography and more!

4D Anatomy Models offer a unique puzzle challenge that inspire critical thought and mental acuity. Plus, they help build dexterity, fine motor skills and problem solving skills while reinforcing learning through hands-on exploration!

EIN-O Science Kits make learning so much fun! From Egg Science to Crazy Chem to Sticky Slime or Volcano Blast, you'll find a science kit to suit your child's interest!

Gyroscopes teach kids about the scientific principles of movement and rotation but mostly kids just want to master the amazing tricks they can perform!

Dinosaurs continue to fascinate kids of all ages. Our great hands-on selection fuels kids' thirst to understand how these prehistoric beasts became extinct.

So hurry on over to our site and take advantage of this promo today! Your child will thank you for all the fun ways to learn.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gravitron Review on

How fun! Our TEDCO Toys Gravitron is reviewed today on blog. Dedicated to and run by moms with more life experience than baby experience, MotherhoodLater is chock full of news, trends, baby help and social interaction for moms 35+.

 You can read the full review here.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Learning Science thru Magnets

There’s nothing like a magnet to get kids asking “how does it work?” Playing with magnets helps children learn the principles of physics, attraction, cause and effect and opposition. Magnets help kids develop their small hand and finger muscles which they use to draw and write. For older kids magnets offer a way to explore inquiry and critical thinking skills. 

Here are some quirky magnetic activities to get your kids learning and having fun:

This free energy magnet experiment will have kids amazed at the slow free fall of the magnet thru the copper tube. 

In this video, kids learn about electromagnetism and how electricity can make a magnet.

This must-see video shows a glob of silly putty eating a magnet! A perfect demonstration of the powers of magnetic attraction!

One of the best ways for kids to learn about magnets is by playing with a compass.  Kids can learn how to make two different kinds of compasses here.

For more ways to explore fun with magnets, check out TEDCO's selection of magnet science kits!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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TEDCO Toys is having a giveaway on our Facebook page. Help us get to 500 likes!! Like our page for a chance to win this prize package of TEDCO Toys valued at over $100. Each person who likes our page gets one chance to win. Share our giveaway as your status and get 5 additional chances to win! 

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